Are your students developing as motivated, frequent readers?

Literacy Pro measures reading comprehension (using research-based, online assessment), identifies books to promote reading growth in each student, and then motivates them to keep reading via quizzes and certificates. The program also provides meaningful and actionable data for teachers and administrators at a student/class/school level.


“When students are matched to a book at their reading level they are presented with the opportunity to succeed.”

Carron Beeching, South Downs Primary School, South Australia

“Teachers can monitor student home reading in a way that is useful, as they have access to meaningful data, not just a meaningless list of books read and perhaps not even comprehended.”

Danielle Howton, Honeywood Primary, Western Australia

"We need to offer a range of books and stories that will stretch their imaginations and help them make sense of their own lives, as well as encourage them to think about perspectives other than their own.”

Anne Kitchen, Principal, Middle Park State School, Queensland