Let Book Club help you keep the reading rolling all year long!

There’s so much more to Book Club than just buying books. By participating, you are making a huge difference in your child’s life through books and reading, and your purchase gives Scholastic Rewards back to your school for additional learning and literacy resources. Your child will love receiving their new books at school – books they’ve chosen themselves, sparking a wonderful reading journey.

Book Club helps Australian families grow into reading and grow through reading and has helped raise generations of lifelong readers for over 50 years!

Read on to learn more about Book Club...


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How parents order from Book Club online

  1. Log in, or create a new account at LOOP 
  2. New parents can follow the Wizard to set up a child's profile
  3. Click the ORDER tab, and select the child's school and Issue of Book Club 
  4. Select your child's name 
  5. Enter the product item number from the Book Club catalogue
  6. Apply promotional codes that children may have earned from previous issues
  7. Make a payment via credit card
  8. Feel great about the Scholastic Rewards that have been earned from the school! 



What is Book Club?

Book Club provides families with an affordable and convenient way to access the best in children's literature to encourage leisure reading. Book Club brings the magic of reading to families by

  • curating the catalogue in age-appropriate sections with a huge variety of excellent quality, affordable books.
  • providing regular access to books for the home via your school to build good reading habits.
  • contributing learning and literacy resources back to schools.

Supporting your school with Book Club 

15% of every purchase on Book Club goes back to your school in Scholastic Rewards to buy valuable educational resources that benefit your child.

  • Place your Book Club order
  • Your school earns Scholastic Rewards
  • Your school redeems Scholastic Rewards for additional school or classroom resources!

The Book Club Promise

  • Carefully curated with age-appropriate titles
  • Great value books from as low as $3!
  • Quality publishing with the best children’s books from Australia and around the world.
  • Books for everyone covering all interests and abilities to ignite a passion for reading!