Scholastic Australia’s Rights team is dedicated to finding the best home for our creators’ books, be that with an overseas English language or translation book, or audio publisher, or in the film and tv world. Our passion is to increase knowledge of the quality and variety of Australian children's publishing and to find international homes for as many of our publications as we can, fostering a love of reading in children no matter where they live. Our Rights Manager attends Bologna, London and Frankfurt Book Fairs and makes an annual visit to New York to see US publishers too. The Scholastic Australia lists include picture books and children’s fiction, from age four all the way through to YA, with a mix of award-winning literary and commercial titles.

You can download our 2019 Rights guide here:
Fiction Rights Catalogue 2019
Picture Books Rights Catalogue 2019

If you have a rights-related query, please contact: Claire Pretyman at


If you wish to reproduce an extract from a Scholastic Australia publication, please read and observe the following guidelines before submitting your application.

Permissions & Copyright
All material published by Scholastic Australia Pty Ltd is regulated and protected by the Copyright Act (1968) (Cth). If you wish to reprint or reproduce any material from a Scholastic Australia publication, you must obtain written permission from us prior to using the material.

Making a permissions request
Scholastic Australia may only grant permissions for works published by Scholastic Australia. Before making a permission request, it is important to check the imprint page or the credits and acknowledgments page. If the imprint page indicates that the title was published by a Scholastic publishing company which is based elsewhere (Scholastic Inc. USA, Scholastic Ltd. UK, Scholastic Canada, Scholastic New Zealand etc.) you will need to contact them directly.

Required Information
Please submit permissions requests in writing to, making sure to include the following information in your application:

Information about our book

  • Title
  • ISBN
  • Author and/or Illustrator
  • Imprint (Scholastic Australia, Scholastic Press, Scholastic Education, Omnibus Books and Koala Books)
  • If possible, a scan of the relevant imprint page

Information about yourself and your project

  • Title of publication or name of your project
  • Organisation and department
  • Postal address
  • Preferred contact number
  • Preferred email address

Format of your project (print, eBook, audio, broadcast, live performance, online etc.)

Print or eBook

  • Author and/or Illustrator
  • Publisher
  • Expected publication date
  • Projected print run and/or number of anticipated digital downloads if applicable
  • Projected retail price of physical and digital editions if applicable
  • Requested distribution territory (ANZ, World, etc.)
  • Proposed term


  • The URL where the material will appear
  • Approximate number of visitors per month
  • Requested distribution territory (ANZ, World, etc.). In addition, please indicate your ability to place access restrictions to the content based on the geographic location of users.
  • Is the site on a closed (password protected or membership dependent) or open platform (e.g. Youtube or Facebook)
  • Membership cost if applicable       


  • Name of production
  • Number of shows as well as the dates and location(s)
  • Ticket price
  • Anticipated ticket sales

Material requested from the Scholastic Australia publication (text, illustrations, cover or entire work etc.)


  • The number of words and the page numbers on which the words appear
  • Percentage of the extract in relation to the entire Scholastic publication (e.g. 10% of the entire work)


  • Specify which illustrations and the page numbers on which the illustrations appear
  • Percentage of the extract in relation to the entire Scholastic publication (e.g. 10% of the entire work)


  • If is it a poem, the name of the poem and the number of lines
  • Percentage of the extract in relation to the entire Scholastic publication (e.g. 10% of the entire work)

Financial reparation may be required to compensate creators for the use of their work. In the event that a permission fee arises, the cost will depend on the content you wish to reproduce and the intended use.

Due to the volume of enquiries we receive, it generally takes around six weeks to process a permission request. Before submitting your application, please account for this time frame within any editorial and/or project schedules.