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The guys who wrote this book are technically animals. But they’re the human kind. I know. Weird, huh? Anyway, when Guy was 11, he was a rock-climbing champion, played the clarinet and his favourite milkshake flavour was lime. When Matt was 12, he was a football champion, collected collector cards and ate lasagne for breakfast. Now they write books, TV, films and their kids’ assignments, and they still love lime milkshakes and lasagne. They play video games, sport and one day want to put bunk beds in their office so they can have naps after lunch.

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Zoo Crew series
By Guy Edmonds and Matt Zeremes & Illustrated by Peter William Popple






It’s the athletics carnival and Eddie, Mabel and Princeton have to run, throw and jump their guts out so that mean, cheating bully Echo doesn’t win the day – again! Can this super cool crew hold in their panic-farts and kick serious butt to outsmart Echo and her sidekicks? Better get your sweatbands on ... It’s ready, set, go time!





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