Inspiring students to read, and helping them find the books they will love to read, takes a combination of dedication, inspiration and engagement. We know that you bring the dedication to work every day and, with our READING LEADERS PROGRAMS, we hope to help with both inspiration and engagement to get more kids reading and kids reading more.

Each of our Reading Leader Award Recipients has provided us with the outline and any supporting downloadables for some of the programs and activities that they have used in their schools. These are the ones that have created reading excitement and helped their students to find great books they require to be engaged and effective readers.

We encourage the borrowing of brilliance and hope that you can find some inspiring tools and ideas in what our Reading Leader Award recipients have shared.



Resources by JANE MOORE, Ardtornish Primary School Library:

A small conference time of around 5-10 mins that the teacher has with each child to get to know the reader and understand how to support them.

The more children read, the better readers they become. By setting a goal of at least one book per school week, we are encouraging students to read.

Each student needs to be able to select the right book for them, and this is not a natural skill for a lot of children. During school week, we are encouraging students to read more and develop reading rigour.


Resources by Sandra Hodge-Neill, Hawker Primary School:

A multi modal approach to lead curriculum development, align pedagogy, assessment, reporting, quality and consistent practice. 


Resources by Lesley Gollan, WoodLinks State School:

Reading club is offered to students as it gives them another opportunity to hear a fluent reader read a high quality book aloud.


Resources by Bronwen Loveday, Cherrybrook Primary School:

The Super Reading Challenge was set up to encourage our students in Years 3-6 to continue reading after they have completed the Premiers Reading Challenge each year.