The READING LEADERS page is a single point of access to research, programs and support that educators can use to encourage reading. Take a look around the page and use all you can to engage and empower READING LEADERS.


Reading is the core skill that enables and powers all learning. Our children learn to read and read to learn.


Meet our Reading Leaders

Nominated by their principals, these outstanding educators are going above and beyond to help all students to be excited about reading and discover the stories behind the covers. Meet our Reading Leaders here.


Sharing the Success of Reading

The reading journey begins and is powered by helping our students develop a passion for reading; by giving them access to books and the time they need to explore, select and read their favourites.




Kids & Family Reading Report

Landmark study shines a light on the independent reading behaviours and attitudes of Australian children aged 6–17 years, and their parents, plus parents of children 0–5 years.