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Scholastic Reading Leader awards

Do you work alongside a READING LEADER who goes above and beyond to encourage children’s reading? Scholastic Australia, in partnership with APPA, wants to celebrate READING LEADERS in our schools by establishing the SCHOLASTIC READING LEADER AWARD.

Across our country there are teachers, librarians and support staff implementing programs and encouraging students to read more and enjoy reading. Through their actions and efforts we see more kids reading and kids reading more.

Scholastic and APPA want to celebrate these exceptional education professionals and share their ideas and success with schools nationally. We want to provide a platform for them to be recognised and rewarded, so that their ideas and efforts can reach more students and remind us all to help children every day with their reading journey.

Scholastic is proud to establish the SCHOLASTIC READING LEADER AWARD that is supported by APPA and their NAC group.

We are asking principals to nominate a SCHOLASTIC READING LEADER in their school who is dedicated to supporting Independent Reading. This is someone employed by the school who the principal feels is doing something special to bring more students to reading, whether it be a Literacy Coordinator with an innovative reading program, a teacher running a book review club, or a passionate librarian with exciting library activities to engage students in reading

Each school term we will select and recognise a new SCHOLASTIC READING LEADER. Scholastic will then do an editorial on the winner(s) featuring the principal, the nominated Reading Leader and the reading program/initiative they have implemented. The leader will be awarded a prize of $1500 in SCHOLASTIC REWARDS, along with a Plaque to keep. They will be featured on the APPA website as the SCHOLASTIC READING LEADER for that term and have their program/initiative recognised and shared by Scholastic, supported by APPA and their NAC group.

Meet our Reading Leaders

Nominated by their principals, these outstanding educators are going above and beyond to help all students to be excited about reading and discover the stories behind the covers.

Sharing the Success of Reading

The reading journey begins and is powered by helping our students develop a passion for reading; by giving them access to books and the time they need to explore, select and read their favourites.

Scholastic Reading Leaders Award