The Reading Leaders Events presentations and workshops are designed to help support and empower administrators, classroom teachers, librarians and other educators in building a school culture that embraces literacy.

Each Reading Leaders Event is designed to provide a professional learning experience where you can connect and collaborate with nationally-recognised presenters and fellow inspired educators.

We encourage the sharing of brilliance and hope that with these events, combined with this website, you can find tools and ideas to change students’ reading lives.

Scholastic is committed to helping build Learning Communities that are focused on creating life-long, independent readers.

September 2018 will see the launch of our first Reading Leaders Event with Donalyn Miller, “The Book Whisperer”, as our inaugural keynote speaker.

This interactive Reading Leaders Event will focus on creating a classroom environment where students’ reading thrives.

By developing reading relationships with our students, and leveraging those connections, we can inspire a love of reading and advance them academically.

Donalyn is the author and co-author of several books about creating engaging and inclusive reading communities for all children. In her first book, The Book Whisperer (Jossey-Bass, 2009), Donalyn reflects on her journey to become a reading teacher and describes how she inspires and motivates her middle school students to read 40 or more books a year. Her work is based on action in the classroom, such as affirming the reader in every student, allowing students to choose their own books, carving out extra reading time, modelling authentic reading behaviours, discarding timeworn reading assignments and developing a classroom library filled with high-interest books.

Through her presentations and collaborations with colleagues, Donalyn continually shares the importance of free choice reading and provides suggestions and resources that foster children’s love of reading and the development of positive reading identities.

Monday 10 September 2018, 4pm
Kendron-Wavell Services Club
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Tuesday 11 September 2018, 4pm
Amora Hotel Riverwalk Melbourne
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Thursday 13 September 2018, 4pm
Concordia College, St John's Campus
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Monday 17 September 2018, 4pm
Carnarvon Golf Club
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Thursday 20 September 2018, 4pm
Willow Pond
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