West Beechboro Primary School in WA has been using PR1ME Mathematics since 2015.

Students in Year 3 in 2014 performed below the Australian average NAPLAN score in numeracy. After using PR1ME Mathematics for 15 months, the same students performed higher than the Australian average. They also showed greater student gain than students:

  • in similar schools
  • with the same starting score
  • in all Australian schools.

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PR1ME Mathematics is based on world’s best practice in primary mathematics education. Based on the successful curriculums from Singapore, South Korea and Hong Kong, it provides a detailed and supportive structure for implementing problem-solving based learning in the classroom.

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Find out more:

  • About PRIME - For schools interested in finding out the basics about PR1ME
  • How it works - explains the research, pedagogy and the way the materials are designed to be used
  • Sample lessons - explains ways that the modelled lessons in PR1ME are used by teachers
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions to provide practical support to schools implementing or considering PR1ME