Into Connectors has 'in the book' scaffolding through explicit prompts for students leading the discussion and from the 'Invisible Teacher' (I.T.).

It focuses on the four key comprehension strategies of Reciprocal Reading. The four strategies are:

  • Predict
  • Clarify
  • Question
  • Summarise.

Before reading, students select a coloured 'leadership' icon. When a student's coloured icon appears on a spread, they become the leader of the discussion for that page. Students are provided with detailed prompts throughout the books to assist in initiating meaningful group discussion.

The books are designed to be used with a group of six students. Each student has the opportunity to lead the small group discussion twice in each book.

At the end of each book, students may summarise their thoughts about the topic by using the Something to Think About Graphic Organiser, that is replicated as a copymaster in the Teachers' Resource Book.

Students may investigate the topic further using the keywords from Want to Find Out More?