More than Reading - Values in Action

Students using Into Connectors in small groups, learn to interact and demonstrate the values of:

  • Acceptance
  • Respect for the opinions of others
  • Tolerance
  • Working cooperatively
  • Listening to others
  • Taking responsibility.

Students who are introduced to Into Connectors need to be able to work in a small group situation - working toward independence from the teacher.

To ensure students are able to follow the process used in Into Connectors, the teacher will first model the process and the role of group leader before students attempt to work independently with Into Connectors.

The Teacher Resource Book outlines a process for introducing the Into Connectors' approach to students using a day-by-day approach. The teacher gradually withdraws as a group participant when the students are able to work as an independent peer group.

By using Into Connectors, students experience explicit practice in:

  • Oral language
  • Applying comprehension strategies
  • Expressing their thoughts and opinions
  • Extending their vocabulary and furthering research topics of interest.