Connectors seek to actively develop oral-language skills and comprehension strategies for independent readers.

Students using Connectors practise four key comprehension strategies central to Reciprocal Reading. The four strategies are:

  • Predict
  • Clarify
  • Question
  • Summarise.

Connectors are designed to facilitate understanding through student-led discussions in small peer groups – independent of the teacher. To support this, at the beginning of every Connectors’ title, students are provided directions that explain how to use the four comprehension strategies as they read and discuss the text together.

On each page of the text, prompts to use the strategies are provided to guide the discussion.

Additional comprehension strategies are also included in Connectors titles and are signalled throughout the text with the use of a stop sign. The additional strategies help students:

  • Make connections
  • Visualise
  • Form opinions
  • Infer (Series 2).

Before using Connectors it is important that students are familiar with the comprehension strategies used and are able to apply them as they read. The Teachers’ Resource Book provides practical suggestions and activities that teachers can use to develop these core comprehension strategies.