It’s all about the books!

Every Scholastic Book Fair is packed with a multitude of genres, including fantasy, classics, reference, award-winners, humour, nonfiction and mystery. We believe the best selection encompasses books suitable for both girls and boys within each age group, captures their imaginations and excites them about reading.

We review thousands of titles every year and only choose books that fit into our overall criteria. We source Scholastic titles from Australia, New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. In addition we are the only Book Fair provider to source from over 60 independent publishers worldwide to bring the best in children’s literature to your school.

Authors and illustrators

We offer your students the best selection of books, featuring exclusive titles from leading Australian authors and illustrators.

Scholastic Book Fairs is tightly linked to Scholastic Australia Publishing, who not only sell books but also find, foster and support new and emerging Australian authors and illustrators as well as promoting well-established ones.

Our product team doesn’t just select titles, it helps develop and nurture home-grown talent to produce excellent Australian books for inclusion on our Book Fairs. Many books are published only because they have been selected for inclusion on Scholastic Book Fairs, so without the support of partnering schools we may have all missed out on some fantastic stories and talents.