Earn Scholastic Rewards

Not only is a Book Fair a fantastic literacy event, but also a percentage of your Book Fair proceeds goes towards earning Scholastic Rewards for your school or kindergarten.

With Scholastic Rewards you can:

- Redeem Book Fair product and/or
- Go online and choose from 1000s of books and educational resources from the School Essentials catalogue

The best part is you will have 12 months to redeem your Rewards.

With Scholastic Rewards your school gets more!

Cash Commission:

Cash commission is available; although percentages are higher when you choose Scholastic Rewards as your commission.

Maximise your rewards

Schools who host more than one Book Fair a year receive a higher percentage of Scholastic Rewards for the second Fair. In addition, for a second Fair we provide a new theme and new selection of titles to engage children and build excitement.