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Scholastic Business School teaches your students about the world of work in the safe environment of their school and provides them with a chance to lead.

With tips, timelines and a comprehensive online toolkit, our free resources will give your students the confidence and independence to run your Book Fair as a class or whole school project.

Getting Started

We want Scholastic Business School to be simple and rewarding for you, fun and educational for your students and beneficial for your Book Fair. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Arrange your Book Fair

Call us to secure your Book Fair dates and for guidance on how to get the most from Scholastic Business School. We recommend starting six weeks before your Book Fair arrives, but you can choose timings to suit the needs of your school.

2. Start Planning

Download your essential guide to Scholastic Business School. Read about the benefits it offers and follow the timeline and checklists for advice on what you and your volunteers can do before, during and after your Book Fair.

3. Find all the resources you need

Browse our resources for ideas and free downloads to help you and your volunteers get started.


You’ll find everything you need to run Scholastic Business School in our comprehensive resources toolkit. Download the resources in one handy Word document, or scroll through the before, during and after your Book Fair sections below for individual resources.



Download the Business School Planner, your essential guide to Scholastic Business School.

- Business School Planner

Download the following Scholastic Business School resources in one handy Word document.

- Business School Resources Word Doc

Job Profiles

Review the individual job profiles to see how your volunteer can get involved:

- Book Fair Manager

- Advertising Specialist

- Customer Service Assistant

- Accountant

- Display Specialist

- Events Coordinator

- Browsing Supervisor

- Inventory Specialist

- All Job Profiles

Advertise the jobs

Build excitement and advertise for volunteers with these posters/handouts:

- Teaser Poster

- Business School volunteer poster

- Job Advertisement

Job Application

Ask your students to apply for the jobs that appeal to them using the following resources:

- Job Application Form

- CV Sample

- CV Template

- Cover Letter Sample

- Cover Letter Template


Let parents know about your plans. Use a staffing roster to let your volunteers know when they are needed at the Book Fair. Create badges for your Book Fair volunteers using this template.

- Introductory Letter to Parents

- Staff Roster

- Volunteer Badges

Clip Art

- Business School Icon

- Calculator

- Clock

- Pencil

- Post-it Note Graph

- Trophy


Use this roster to arrange class browsing sessions, led by your volunteers.

- Class Browsing Roster

Take note of your book sales with this simple record sheet.

- Sales Record Sheet

Use this sheet to take orders for books that may not be in stock at the Book Fair.

- Customer Order Record Sheet


Count and verify your Book Fair takings with a cashing up sheet.

- Cashing Up Sheet

Find out what your volunteers thought of Scholastic Business School, what they learned and what they’d improve upon with a volunteer evaluation survey.

- Volunteer Evaluation Survey

Award a certificate to every member of your volunteer team once the Book Fair is over.

- Volunteer Certificate

Tell parents about your Business School success with a thank you letter.

- Thank You Letter