Book Club Resources

How to Order on the Book Club Platform
A handy guide on how to order on the Book Club Platform.

Book Club Checklist
A step-by-step guide to organising Book Club.

How to Pay for Book Club
A newsletter insert explaining the ways to pay for Book Club.

Book Club Reconciliation Form
A document to help reconcile your orders.

Payment Summary Form
Use this form to check that the orders and payments you are submitting balance. It also helps you to take into account student vouchers (if any) and credit-card slips.

Parent Letter Explaining the Benefits of Book Club
This letter has been written to send home to new parents at the beginning of the school year. It explains the benefits of Book Club for children and the school.

Refund Replacement Form
Complete this form if you ever need to return any product to Scholastic.

Newsletter Ads to Promote Book Club

These advertisements may be placed into your school newsletter to alert parents of the date you would like Book Club orders returned to school.

Orders Due Notification

Thank You for Ordering

Encouragement to Order