Make reading fun with Book Club!

Did you know that 91% of kids are more likely to finish books that they choose themselves? Book Club catalogues provide quality, age-appropriate selections so children can choose their own books.

You can always trust a Scholastic selection

Chosen by experts, the books cover a wide variety of formats, genres and themes. They include classics, award winners, recently released titles and books related to other popular children's media, such as movies and television shows. Children improve their reading skills BY READING, so providing quality books they will WANT to read is a priority.

Scholastic Book Club is exclusively school-based and offer teachers and parents an easy way to purchase the best children's books at low prices. They are only available through classroom, day-care and home-school teachers.

Each Issue, you will receive a copy of TE (Teacher Essentials), giving you practical, up-to-date classroom resources at discount prices. Materials are often grouped under special or seasonal themes to assist your planning of particular topics.

You can also earn and spend Scholastic Rewards with every purchase from the School Essentials catalogue, a one-stop shop featuring thousands of exciting products to cover all your classroom needs, including literacy resources, teacher reference, classroom electronics, playground equipment and much more.

It's easy! Eight times a year you'll receive your Book Club ordering materials.

Create an account for Book Club at bookclubs.scholastic.com.au/registration/register.aspx 2. Distribute catalogues

Distribute the catalogues to your classes. Hint: Nothing boosts reading excitement like another reader’s enthusiasm! Go through the catalogues with your students, highlighting your favourite choices. Ask students which books they have read, which books they would like to read and which books they would recommend to others.

Hang the Spotlight poster (from TBS) in the library or classroom so students can see the return-by date and some exciting new books.

Don’t forget to set a date for collecting orders (most teachers allow a week)
Hint: Ask students to write their name and the due date on the order form right away. This will help them keep track of it and ensure that their name isn't missing when the order is handed in to you. Keep the date on the board or classroom calendar and remind students when Book Club orders are due.

3. Place your orders

On receiving completed order forms, log in to bookclubs.scholastic.com.au and add each student’s details (first name/last initial) and order to their class group. Then key in their order.* After keying orders, process any pending LOOP orders and submit.
Close LOOP for school delivery when you finish running each issue.

5. Finalise Payment

Give any cash to your Bursar/Office to be banked so they can create a cheque made payable to Scholastic Australia. Put all cheques in the pre-paid envelope along with a copy of the order confirmation and send to Scholastic. *If keyed ‘by student’ as recommended, your order should arrive pre-packed in class lots with a quick-rip distribution card for each student, making it easy for each teacher to get the right books in the right hands. The distribution report on the Club ordering site can be used for reference.

Here are some ways other teachers have increased classroom participation in Book Club:

  • Kids love looking at the catalogues when they arrive. Have them point out books that especially interest them.
  • Allow students who are familiar with a particular book or author to share their enthusiasm.
  • Point out one or two books to each student that you know they would love to read.
  • Go online to check out press and student reviews of books.
  • Remind students to bring in their order forms!

Parent involvement is key to the success of your Book Club. You may want to send a letter home with the first Book Club catalogue encouraging them to participate. Let parents know how important a home filled with books is for creating a lifelong reader. Be clear about how ordering from Book Club benefits their children (great books at low prices) and the school (free resources through Scholastic Rewards).

Yes! School market restrictions apply to many of the books we offer. This means that we cannot accept orders from home addresses except from a legal home school (which qualifies as a school market).

We will require a signed letter of verification stating that you are home-schooling your children.
Please remember to include the number of children and their ages. Kindly forward the letter to:

Customer Contact
Scholastic Australia
PO Box 579,

You can place a Book Club order online or by mail, fax or phone! Your books should arrive within weeks. Many teachers hand out the next Book Club catalogues as soon as the book shipment arrives—when interest in reading is at its peak.

Place your order online by going to bookclubs.scholastic.com.au.

By Phone
Call toll free on 1800 021 233
Hours are:
Monday to Friday
8:00am - 5:30pm EST *
*Subject to change during school holidays

By Mail
Send your order and cheques payable to:
Book Club
Scholastic Australia
PO Box 579,

By Fax
Fax your orders to 1800 789 948

We do not charge shipping and handling fees on Book Club orders delivered to the school.

Occasionally, not all cartons are delivered at the same time. If you are short one or more cartons please wait a further 2–3 days for the remaining cartons to arrive. If not received after that please contact Customer Contact on 1800 021 233.

If replenishment stock is scheduled to reach Scholastic, the item will be placed on back order. You will be informed of such a situation on the Tax Invoice. If we are unable to supply a title, a Credit Voucher is sent in lieu of the product PLUS a specially selected FREE consolation book.

Scholastic Rewards make it easy for you to earn FREE books and educational items for your classroom.You can use Scholastic Rewards on product from Scholastic Book Club, and the School Essentials catalogue. Use them in the next Book Club offer or save them over the year. Scholastic Rewards are valid for 12 months from date of issue.

Please note: Relief teachers/student teachers do not receive Scholastic Rewards

School Essentials and Education Essentials catalogues
Every purchase from the above catalogues also earns Scholastic Rewards. These are credited to your account in the same way as when you order from Book Club.

Scholastic Book Fairs
Not only is a Book Fair a fantastic literacy event, but also a percentage of your Book Fair proceeds goes towards earning Scholastic Rewards for your school or kindergarten.

Scholastic Online Store
Ask parents to nominate your school to receive Scholastic Rewards with every purchase at the Scholastic Online Store.

You can spend your Scholastic Rewards on fabulous resources from any Scholastic Book Club, School Essentials or Education Essentials catalogues! To browse the product range and order online, go to www.scholastic.com.au/schoolessentials.

Scholastic Rewards expire 12 months after the date they are issued.

If you or your students are not completely satisfied with any Book Club item, simply return it within 30 days for credit or refund—no questions asked.

A return or refund might be a solution if:

  • A consignment is damaged in transit
  • A book is misbound or otherwise faulty
  • A purchase turns out to be unsuitable
  • A student receives the wrong book.
  • Help us find the source of the error by comparing the student order form with your order form and the Book Club Tax Invoice before you call. We will gladly process either a refund or a replacement, as required.

    Simply return the product with a note of explanation to:

    Scholastic Australia
    PO BOX 579
    GOSFORD, NSW 2250

    Kindly include your name, account number and address, and indicate whether you wish to exchange the item or receive a credit or a refund. Please indicate the name to which the credit/refund is to be issued. A Refund/Replacement form is available for download.

    Credit Vouchers are coupons given to customers when:

  • An item is out-of-stock, or an item is missing from a package
  • A customer is not satisfied with a product
  • An item is returned for credit.
  • Yes. Teachers (and parents) may pay using MasterCard and Visa. The minimum transaction is $1.00.

    Our team of experts review literally thousands of books published for children every year and selects high-quality, age-appropriate titles for each Book Club.

    Scholastic Book Club run exclusively through the school. Many parents get involved by helping their child's teacher run the Book Club each month. Contact your school to find out more! Scholastic Australia is your partner in helping your child fall in love with books and become a great reader. That's why we're here. Happy Reading!